About us

Thinking about the Middle East, you can imagine the hot sunset between the tall white minarets, the call to prayer of the muselim, the camels walking in a slow pace and the local people dressed in the traditional gealabi, covered with white, large shashes. These lands of Scheherazade have always been special places, with old civilisations that have contributed with great values to the universal culture.

As well as the Europeans, they have lifted the cuisine to a level of art, creating meals that are exquisite as aspect, taste and nutritional value, many of these becoming important elements of the international cuisine.

Being situated in the vicinity of the Grant Bridge, at the end leading to the 1 Mai residential area, on Nicolae Racota street no. 3A, five minutes from the Triumphal Arch, Beirut is a restaurant with lebanese and international meals, the place where you can find the most refined and appreciated meals in the arab world and a flawless hospitality.

At the Beirut Restaurant, the scenery is pleasant, the service is fast and the prices are reasonable. For the mezzeh you can choose, next to the tabule and the season salad, from homos, labne, sambusek, kebe and many, many others. You can also choose between the fried meals such as fried beef or chicken, chicken wings, araies, kafta, kebab, macanec and others.

The Beirut Restaurant is a skillful host when it comes to organizing important family celebrations such at weddings, baptisms, anniversaries.

Beirut is a oriental culinary oasis, the place where, once arrived, as by miracle, you feel in another world – the smell of traditional meals, she sound of the frying pans, the words and names – they all make you imagine the traditional restaurant in his homeland.